Get more from your cash register

Get more from your cash register


In the delivery world, point of sale or POS-systems are being increasingly spoken about. A term that is sometimes confused with a cash system but, a POS-system is more than just a cash register. The POS-system can, in fact, be linked to different services and can record important data for your restaurant. Through the important data that the system keeps track of and can generate for you, you can react to trends and have access to data helping your restaurant to respond in the areas of marketing and customer retention.


Order platforms link to your POS-systems


Many restaurants are on order platforms such as Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo and Uber Eats. Having your restaurant on an order platform ensures not just more turnover, but also new challenges. For each platform, for example, a tablet is needed. With that also comes employees entering orders received on tablets into your POS-system so that the kitchen can get on with them. Having your restaurant on an order platform brings extra costs and challenges as well. Order-Catch has specific solutions for this.


Get more from your cash register with Order-Catch


Order-Catch offers specific solutions for your orders received online. Order-Catch sends all your online orders via a specially designed link to your POS-system. Everything happens without manual effort or a tablet. You receive your order and can get on with it. Thus, you no longer need an employee manually entering orders received on tablets.

Therefore, you save money and can, for example, have your employee deliver orders. In this way, you turn your POS-system into an extra employee.

Do you also want that? Then contact Order-Catch.

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