Successfully design an online menu for restaurants

Online menu,  the right experience

As having meals delivered to your home is becoming more and more popular, it can be profitable for traditional restaurants to deliver food and drinks to consumers’ homes. To offer consumers the right experience, the online ordering process must be right until the order is delivered. Just as it would be important in a restaurant. To offer your meals online you need an online menu.

The delivery menu must be carefully considered because certain products, do not arrive the way the product would be served in the restaurant. A good example is fries, which quickly become soggy in a delivery bag. On the other hand: Asian meals sometimes stay at eating temperature for up to 45 minutes after packaging! Spareribs, also stay warm for a very long time because the bones maintain temperature for a long time and keep the meat warm.

In addition, you do not, have to offer exactly the same menu online as in your restaurant. Below we set out a number of tips and pointers for attention to help you on your way!

How to sell your dishes online

At Order-Catch we also help restaurants to sell their dishes online. This does not only leads to an increase in sales but can also generate a lot of brand awareness in a short time for customers who do not know your restaurant. This is made possible by linking your restaurant with online order services and streamlining the associated challenges.

Find out which products work

Map out which products have a long preparation and cooking time and which products have a short preparation and cooking time. The products with a long preparation and cooking time can cause problems when it is busy, so make sure that the products on the online menu have a short preparation and cooking time to prevent problems in the busy hours.

Test the product after the ride

Make sure that every product on the online menu can be transported properly and tastes as expected. If the consumer receives a product that does not taste as expected, the experience is quickly negative. You can easily test this by transporting and tasting a meal for 5 km. You can do the same and taste your meal x ​​time later. That way you know exactly what your customer is tasting!

Don’t let your customers get confused

Do not make the online menu too extensive. Because consumers cannot ask questions through your online menu, it is important that your customers do not get confused. Consumers who order online want to save time. Consider limiting your menu to, for example, the popular items with a high-profit margin.

Professional photos

Add professional photos of products to your online menu. Photos are important to attract the attention of the consumer. And ensure that customers order more because the products become visible. Photos of products can manage your customers’ expectations. Do not underestimate the influence of product photos!

Use your data

If you have data because you work with a POS system, for example, it is important that the data is used for the design of the online menu. Search for trends in the data. Which products do you sell a lot? Which products do you sell least? Through this data you can see which dishes are popular and at what times these dishes are ordered the most. Customers must have a positive experience to order again, so keep optimizing your online menu.


Order-Catch offers targeted solutions for your online orders. Order-Catch forwards all your online orders via specially designed links to your POS system. Everything happens without manual work or a tablet. Moreover, with Order-Catch you have direct access to a team of online order specialists who can guide and support you in the online ordering world. The support team is available every day for all your questions about a link and Order-Catch. You can also contact the support department for additional information or a personal approach (Support 020 – 49 40 444)

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