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The 7 promises of Order-Catch!

     1. More space on your counter, get rid of the tablets!

By picking up all your orders and running them through one flow, you can remove the countless tablets on your counter. This gives you more room to prepare even more orders, and to make even more customers happy with your expertise in the kitchen!

     2. Save time, never retype an order

Do you have any idea how much time you or your staff has spent retyping the orders from the platforms in your register? You can easily make the calculation yourself, retyping an order takes on average 45 seconds. Let Order-Catch solve this by sending the orders directly to your checkout.

     3. A balanced administration and happy accountant

Typing errors are regularly made when retyping orders. This can cause cash differences or incorrect deliveries. You can permit few mistakes in (online) meal delivery. With a small mistake, customers type a negative review. This can ultimately cost you many orders. A typo is in a small corner, and we can prevent it for you.

     4. Better online visibility and more orders

Are you connected to all available online platforms? Even though some platforms deliver few orders, every order is one! This also ensures a good online presentation of your concept. The more often your logo is displayed, the faster people get to know you and your concept.

     5. Optimize with data!

Data is the new oil. You already have more data Order-Catch bundles your data and makes it visible in comprehensible overviews. Which products do you sell a lot? What are your lead times? This is valuable information with which you can improve your company, staff and efficiency.

     6. Central Menu Management

Is your menu up to date through all online channels? It has been proven that regularly analyzing the menu and responding to trends and seasons leads to more sales. Making your menu changes everywhere takes a lot of time and regularly provides incorrect information. Order-Catch solves this for you. You can manage your menu from one central point, Order-Catch ensures that all your online channels, including the connected platforms, are informed of your menu change.

     7. We have your back!

Service is of paramount importance at Order-Catch. From 9:30 am to 9:30 pm our support team is ready to support you with all your questions. Are you looking for a piece of advice, knowledge or feedback? Just call us, we are happy to think along with you! Our people have often worked in the hospitality industry and speak the language of the hospitality industry, which is very easy!

Basic License Order Catch

Standard functions (up to 750 orders per month / 4 connections on platforms)

Starting at €39,- per month

Process unlimited orders

Process an unlimited number of orders per month!

Monthly costs

Unlimited number of integrations

Join every conceivable platform. See here (link to page platforms) the list for available links

Monthly costs

Web support

Our support specialists are available 7 days a week until 9 p.m. to support you where necessary. Is something wrong with an order or is something unclear? They will provide you with a clear answer within no time.


Telephone support (web support is included as standard)

Our support specialists are available 7 days a week until 9:00 pm to answer all your telephone questions efficiently and effectively

Monthly costs

POS integration

Connect Order-Catch to your current POS system. Order-Catch sends the orders live to your checkout. No link available yet? Ask your POS supplier to make a link with Order-Catch.

Monthly costs

Tablet software

Let Order-Catch send a simple tablet + printer on which you can receive your orders. All your orders insightful and a well-arranged printed receipt with which you can make your orders.


Take-Away Webshop!

Easily integrate a webshop into your existing website and give your customers the option to place their collection order directly with you. Don't have a website yet? Then Order-Catch makes a complete website for you. Read the benefits of a TAKE-AWAY webshop below: - Reduce waiting times in line by having people order and pay in advance - Let your customers save through a savings program - Give promotional products and new products extra attention - Let customers log in and historic orders reposition - You determine the preparation time, the website communicates with the customer. Don't let your customers wait unnecessarily.

Starting at €30,- per month

Extra Restaurant line

Do you run multiple restaurant concepts within the same company, or do you have a Dark Kitchen. Add this restaurant line for just € 10 per month.

Monthly costs per line

Order-Catch API use

Do you already have a webshop and do you want to link it to Order-Catch? This is also possible. Have your website builder link on the Order-Catch API and those orders also arrive directly in Order-Catch.

Monthly costs


Instead of POS coupling. One-time hardware costs

One-off costs

    Put your package together and request an offer starting at €