About Order-Catch

We love FOOD, IT & your SMILE!

Hello, we are Order-Catch!

We are proud to present Order-Catch to you. Just like you, we love food. That love of food is partly swallowed by a passion for IT & automation. But above all we like it when people are happy. A smile, that gives us energy!

Every day we work with love and passion on improvements and new links in Order-Catch to create a smile for you. Just as you improve your own products every day with love and passion, we see our users just as you see your guests. You want your guests to order and come eat with you with a smile. We want our users to work with Order-Catch with a smile.

Who are we?

We have been working on IT solutions for restorers since 2012. For years we have been active in the world of meal delivery, albeit mainly for restaurants that work with our own delivery staff. However, the world of meal delivery is undergoing rapid developments. We see that more and more restaurants decide to deliver using the delivery people from different order platforms such as www.take-away.com, www.ubereats.com & www.deliveroo.nl.

Why Order Catch?

This entails considerable challenges for restaurants. For example, orders are often retyped to the POS system, resulting in errors and time consuming. In addition, the various tablets and printers take up a lot of space at the counter. It is also difficult to see at a glance which platform delivers the most business and data is not available to much. That while data is “the new oil” and can be just as valuable for your restaurant!

Fortunately, Order-Catch is available to make your life easier. Developed by people with hands-on experience in restaurant life, Order-Catch solves these challenges for you and streamlines the process within your restaurant.


“We love the fast approach and fast-pace environment in restaurants!”


What is our mission and vision?

The world is getting smaller. The whole world can easily come into contact with each other, exchange experiences and knowledge and help each other to work more efficiently and exchange ideas. We are a strong proponent of cooperation instead of competition. Partly in view of this conviction, we have decided that “everyone should be able to connect with us”. Every supplier and every platform can connect to us for a piece of the pie and optimization. Together you help each other and you stand stronger. Why try to outdo each other when you can work together for optimum results?

We present ourselves as extremely flexible. Both to users and partner suppliers. With us you are not a customer but a user and partner. We are ready for you and know what is going on in your restaurant. Are you looking for answers and help? Then contact us and experience our expertise.


“We love FOOD, IT & your SMILE!”