Is a delivery service profitable?

With a delivery service you increase the reach of your restaurant. Without a delivery service, the restaurant does not reach potential sales and the thousands of new users who sign up for online ordering platforms every day. A delivery service can generate more revenue if the delivery process is streamlined and meets consumer expectations. In this blog you can read what you should look at your restaurant.

Pay attention to the production costs

Order services often require a fee for the order delivered. By selling products with low production costs online, you compensate for the compensation that the order platforms demand. Choose from your most popular products and make sure the online offer is not too large. If not everything can be ordered online, there is a good chance that the customer will become curious, and if a positive experience comes to your restaurant to taste the dishes that cannot be ordered online.

Your own website

With your own order website you avoid the commission costs of order services such as Takeaway, Uber Eats and Deliveroo. With order services you pay a fee for the orders received because the order services also incur costs. Every order via your own order website therefore generates extra profit, because the commission costs of the order services are eliminated. That is why your own order website is quickly recouped and the website ensures more profit.

Your restaurant already exists

If you already have a restaurant, no new premises are needed. After a few minor adjustments to the kitchen, your restaurant can start delivering meals. Think of a place for your delivery people, delivery orders and a means of transport. It will also be necessary to think about who will deliver the meals. For example, you can choose to hire a courier. It is also possible to have orders delivered via order services such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats. These order services offer couriers who deliver the food to your restaurant, so you do not incur any costs if there are no orders.

Because a restaurant that wants to deliver already exists, costs such as a new building and many new staff are eliminated. It is important that the customer enjoys the food and receives it as expected so that the customer orders more often. A delivery service can therefore be profitable if the process is carefully considered and the costs thereof are kept low. Make sure that the production costs of the online menu are low so that the commission costs incurred can be compensated. Also try to receive orders via your own order website so that the commission costs are eliminated.

How we can help you

The online order market is growing considerably fast and is there to stay. In the current age, restaurant customers are looking for easier ways to enjoy good food without leaving the house. Order-Catch helps you enter the online ordering world and makes it easy for you to receive online orders. Order-Catch helps you with the wide choice from multiple parties and streamlines the online ordering process. With a link from Order-Catch you get access to the online ordering world and you really participate! for additional information or a personal approach you can contact the support department (Support 020 – 49 40 444)

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