Food delivery order to become faster and more efficient

Food delivery order to become faster and more efficient
Dutch start-up Order-Catch gathers all orders from all platforms in one system

AMSTERDAM – Restaurants can process online food delivery orders faster and more efficient from now on. A new system launched by Dutch start-up Order-Catch gathers all online food orders from all delivery marketplaces, including their own website, in one central overview on their computer, tablet and cash register system.

Now, restaurants are spending a lot of time taking online orders, which they receive through all kinds of different channels and platforms. For this, businesses sometimes have three or more different tablets and computers at the counter, which are often not linked to their cash register system. This causes delay or errors when retyping into another system. “In the delivery world, every second is important nowadays. All delays shorten the time you need to prepare or deliver a meal,” explains Rolf van Alten of Order-Catch.

Order-Catch helps restaurants with a software solution that saves them time and increases their revenue. The founders have years of experience in the delivery business and know better than anyone how to link order systems. Order-Catch collects all online orders and forwards them to one tablet or computer and whenever possible also to the cash register. This streamlines the entire ordering process, makes retyping unnecessary and prevents missed orders. The start-up has calculated that the new system can save an average restaurant owner and staff 136 hours a year.

Restaurants in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK have allready shown interest in the new system. “Customers are eager for this solution. It requires no administrative actions to accept online food orders,” clarifies Van Alten. The system can also be deployed when guests order online through the menu in a restaurant. These orders are integrated into the system and are collected on the same central channel.

The market for food delivery has been growing explosively in recent years. The revenue of the online food delivery market in Europe is expected to grow from 15 billion euro in 2019 to 22 billion euro in 2023. In addition to orders from large platforms like and Deliveroo, restaurants also receive orders via Uber Eats and all kinds of local and regional initiatives. Order-Catch also sees a rapid growth of so-called ‘Dark Kitchens’, restaurants that only have a kitchen for food delivery somewhere on an industrial site and receive no guests. “Our software also offers a solution for them,” says Van Alten.

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